I have always heard the saying, "penny for your thoughts."
I wondered why people said that cause what could a simple penny have bought!?!
We pass them up each day as we walk along our busy way.
Never fully realizing what they are meant to say.

Until a precious friend explained the meaning of the phase to me one day.
And from that moment on, I realized what a simple penny could convey.
We were talking of the years gone by and the time we shared with my sister.
As we reminisced of the good old days, she softly said, "I know you still miss her."

Then she gently placed her hands around mine and tenderly looked into my eyes.
No sound was heard, no movement at all as if the world stopped for a moment to let us cry.
Then she reached out and pulled me closer as she wiped away my tears.
She whispered "Lois knows you still love her," of that I am certain my dear.

Lois will forever love you too and I will prove it to you, if you will only believe.
Before the day is over and the angels sing you to sleep, a penny you will see.
A penny for your thoughts, pennies from Heaven she will send.
Letting you know she still loves you and that your heart will one day mend.

When you are holding that penny for just that brief moment in time.
Know that the love you two have for one another will forever shine.
Before that day was over, can you guess what I had found?
Not one, but seven brilliant pennies more precious to me than jewels in a crown.

So now each day as I go along my busy way.
I pick up those pennies and now fully realize what they were sent here to say.
And for the simple quote "penny for your thoughts."
One will never know what joy a penny has bought!

Author ~ Martha Carol
Copyright 2001

Kim & Lois.

Kim is like a second mother to us girls,
and she was my mother's best friend.
Kim is the one who shared with me the meaning of finding a penny.
Even though we all know pennies don't come from heaven.
For that brief moment when I do find one, somehow I feel close to Lois.
Thank you Kim for always being our Angel.
For 30+ years of friendship, laughter and lots of love.
I love you Mama Kim, I love you with all my heart!

Please click on the link below to visit her memorial page.

In Loving Memory of Mama Kim

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Poem written and this page created with love for Mama Kim and Lois
August 23, 2001

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